{it's my mission for you to love seeing yourself too.}

I'm not your average confidence coach.

In fact, I don't think I'm a confidence coach at all.  In working with me, you won't be getting one of those go-go-rah-rah cheerleaders trying to whip you into some false sense of self-belief.  Those results (if you even get any) are temporary at best.  If I give you my "tips for greater confidence", they won't do you much good until you learn to fall in love with yourself - as I did. 

Confidence needs to be built from the ground up.

That's exactly how I had to do it, because I'm actually a shy introvert that lived in total fear of the camera for most of my life.  Despite my terror of that little lens, I knew the power it had to touch people. So I made a career of being behind the camera, working for years as a cinematographer and photographer. 

Working on independent films and big Hollywood pictures was a creative process that absolutely lit me up. But any kind of performance (on camera or even public speaking) would overwhelm me with anxiety. 

Feel like reaching out?

I can't wait to hear your story.

Then...I caught the Wellness Bug.

And down the rabbit hole I went. I started learning every holistic practice I could get my hands on. I piled up teaching and coaching certifications and was eventually moved to start serving other. So I soon left the film industry to help people live happier and healthier lives.

Certification addicts, I'm talking to you!

As it turns out, expertise doesn't bring confidence. Not fair, right? All that learning should come with a boss-lady mindset - like a $2 "extra avocado" option. But no matter how much knowledge I acquired, I still couldn't find the confidence to put it out there. And the bigger my dreams got, the less I was able to keep up this game of hiding from the camera. So I went on the ultimate self-improvement quest, searching for that perfect combination of tools that would help me capture that elusive feeling of confidence. Confidence doing what? Teaching? Sharing information? It was simpler than that. And much harder: confidence just being me.

How I fell in love with the camera (the front, not the back).

All that experimentation with different tools, techniques and total camera fails was a frustrating and painful process. But ultimately, it led to discovering what I needed to transition from being nauseous at the thought of a camera lens, to actually looking forward to it! Now, I leap in front of that lens with a clear sense of purpose and any time that those old fear demons creep into the shot, I have techniques and essential oils to get my mind back in the game. Now I'm able to play full out in every area of my life with a deep confidence and comfort being myself for all the world to see.

I've been dreaming up the program I wish I had when I was where you are.

I'm so excited to share a program that's come together after years and years of struggling unnecessarily. After trying everything, I've found the perfect formula to beat stage fright and show up on camera no matter what. So you can shortcut your own drawn out process of banging your head against the wall and access the tools to shorten your path to camera confidence from years to weeks. 

I've made it my mission to serve people like you with amazing knowledge and big life goals.

You've just got one thing in the way of living that beautiful future: your fear of going on camera. I know what you need to move forward because I've been where you are, and I've broken out of my cage of camera shyness. Now nothing inspires me more than watching other amazing people reach that same potential. Trust me, if these tools worked for me - shy, introvert, utterly terrified Sabina - then there’s no question they'll change your life too.