Done with camera shyness being the one thing in the way of sharing your uniqueness with the world?

It’s time for that little lens to stop causing so much fear, insecurity and overwhelm. Start the 12-week 1:1 coaching program that turns the camera into your brand's best friend. 

Say goodbye to {camera shy} and step into {camera hi}.

It's time to {get visible}as a fully-expressed, confident you - on and off camera.

{calling all dreamers}

You’re full of big ideas and want to make an impact and do what you love with confidence and fulfillment.

But, like so many other shy entrepreneurs, you’re hesitant (maybe even petrified) of showing up on camera….which leaves you questioning whether you “have what it takes” to take your business to the next level.

Does this sound like you?

You've tried other programs...

...and techniques on camera confidence and nothing worked. (I have too, I get it.)

"I'll do it tomorrow" Syndrome.

That Live you’re supposed to do today keeps getting pushed.

You've seen yourself on camera...

...and hate how you look or sound. 

You know you need to show your face...

...in order to grow your dream biz, but just the idea of it makes you want to run, hide, puke or do anything else but that...

"Faking it till you make it" didn't work...

...and your fear of being on camera hasn’t gone away.

"What I have to say isn't important" Syndrome.

You fear that no one will care about your message. (Especially when so many others are doing it “better”). 

"Everyone else has it figured out" Syndrome.

Do you shrink into the background, while comparing yourself to all the "confident" personalities out there that you "could never be."

You feel totally awkward...

...and not like your authentic self when you talk to a camera.

Your butterflies 🦋  = are actually dragons 🐉 .

Stage fright is no joke!

Basically, are you a


You want financial and time freedom through your business, but feel like you can't get started.

Or you can't progress out of the grind of cold-calling, hard sales and the defeat of "no" after "no".

You know there's a way to shift to a my-face-on-video content game that makes your customers effortlessly come to you. 

But you wonder: "Can I handle that?"

Did you say 

"YES, that's me!!" 

to any of the above?

Let's Imagine For A Moment...

You know exactly what to do...

Just before you hit “Live” you feel those butterflies kick in and you know how to redirect your mind away from your anxiety.

You're no longer "faking it till you make it."

How about we replace that with with authentic, unwavering confidence/self-belief?

You have the exact techniques the pros use...

....to overcome stage fright and performance anxiety.

Shyness stops holding you back.

Never again can shyness be your excuse for not going after what you want.

Your business gets driven forward by the real you.

Not some online “version” of you.

You could effortlessly talk about your products/services.

On camera, off camera, in the DMs, wherever. Communication is everything - and camera confidence makes it fun and natural!

Your "weaknesses" became strengths.

Your camera shyness is your secret weapon - learn how to channel it into a relatability superpower that connects you to your people.

You became the person that everyone else thinks “has it all figured out.”

Because you will. You’ll have yourself figured out. Now it's time to get the edge you need.

{camera confidence} like this is 100% possible for you.

Which is why I created 

{the visibility method}.

Camera Confidence in {3 steps}.

The 1:1 coaching program where you learn my exact process for becoming a visibility boss. For 12 transformative weeks, you have me in your corner showing you how to confidently and consistently show up on (and off) camera by actioning 3 game-changing steps.


See the big picture.

What distinguishes confident, resilient and successful people? They’re able to pull back the lens of their life and understand what makes them tick.

  • Find (and fall in love with) why you want to put yourself out there in the first place. AKA: clarify your mission’s purpose so you’re driven to the camera by passion, not obligation.
  • Get mentally fit by learning how to “clean the lens” of your mind using the exact meditation techniques and regimens that the world’s highest performing leaders depend on.
  • Develop a customized blueprint of your goals for becoming a visibility boss - and identify how you've been getting in the way of that success.


The inside job.

  • Identify and break through your visibility blocks with powerful self-coaching techniques.
  • Develop a visibility mindset customized to your strengths, thoughts and emotions - because camera confidence lives from the inside-out.
  • Prepare for the camera like a pro with every technique you need to feel invincible before you hit “live”.
  • Receive an essential oil program designed to manage and maintain the particular needs of your mind and body (and help slay those self-doubt dragons).
  • Turn self-love and compassion into your secret weapon for high-level camera performance.


Say hello to your inner visibility boss.

  • Develop "You-tailored" protocols for handling any camera challenge with grace and savviness.
  • Learn the key to remaining confident in the face of trolls, naysayers and your own “inner mean girl.”
  • Get the strategies to keep your visibility needle moving even when imposter syndrome, anxiety, and self-doubt start creeping up.
  • Implement a visibility action plan so that you know your exact next steps for showing the world what they've been missing.

Feel like a boss on and off camera and watch your confidence take your business  - and everything you do - to the next level.

What's Special About This Program?

**Make pop?** It provides you with the most important, and possibly overlooked, ingredient for camera confidence: {resilience}.


Know exactly how to handle... 

  • Rejection.
  • Your IMG (Your arch nemesis, AKA: The "Inner Mean Girl").
  • No shows.
  • Trolls.
  • Imposter syndrome.
  • Stage fright.
  • Technical difficulties.
  • Forgetting what to say.
  • Fear (without trying to eliminate it).
  • Anything else that can go wrong (which is, well, everything). 

Becoming a {visibility boss} will transform your relationship to your business. 

01. Become the fearless face of your brand by tapping into the center of your brain that allows calm, authentic, and joyful presentation of your awesomeness to the world.

02. Magnetize and connect with your ideal clients/community simply by being you on camera.

03. Become immune to the opinions of others. Become troll-proof, judgment-proof and false-assumption-you're-being-judged-proof.

04. Grow your sales...the easy way. AKA: selling without "selling". Your likability on camera makes doing business with you the most natural thing your customers can do.

05. Build the core of any successful business: a base of loyal, raving fans. Camera confidence increases your "know, like and trust" factor, which is the most reliable reason your clients say "yes" to you. 

06. Go beyond great copy. Success these days requires you to open up your exposure to the enormous market of people that respond to visual content.

07. Have sustained happiness doing what you do. Stop getting burnt out from dreading the "putting yourself out there" part.

08. Master the long game of visual content. Learn how to turn disappointing results into progress, maintain a consistent presence in the minds of your community, and keep taking the next steps towards success. 

Are you ready to {blow your own mind} with how confidently you can show up to the camera for your brand?

Embrace the camera crazies so that you can show up for your brand with confidence and enthusiasm 

{no matter how you're feeling}.


Almost everything you’ve been told about camera confidence and shyness is misleading... and temporary.

01. “Fake it till you make it” is a lie.

Experts love to tackle camera shyness with principles that ultimately do more harm than good.

02.You're not being given what you really need

The standard confidence training might teach you how to pretend, but your life in the spotlight won't last until you develop the resilience to handle all the bumps along the road of putting yourself out there.

03. Vulnerability wins.

Today’s world requires you to regularly perform yourself to the public - that’s weird and scary, right? Trying to look polished while squirming around in your own skin is just not gonna cut it. The only way to thrive being yourself is to be natural, vulnerable and comfortable with all of your janky bits.

I started this program to provide people with the tools I wish I'd had when I was hiding from the camera like I owed it money.


{it's my mission for you to love seeing yourself too.}

I'm not your average confidence coach.

In fact, I don't think I'm a confidence coach at all.  In working with me, you won't be getting one of those go-go-rah-rah cheerleaders trying to whip you into some false sense of self-belief.  Those results (if you even get any) are temporary at best.  If I give you my "tips for greater confidence", they won't do you much good until you learn to fall in love with yourself - as I did. 

Confidence needs to be built from the ground up.

That's exactly how I had to do it, because I'm actually a shy introvert that lived in total fear of the camera for most of my life. Despite my terror of that little lens, I knew the power it had to touch people. So I made a career of being behind the camera, working for years as a cinematographer and photographer. 

Working on independent films and big Hollywood pictures was a creative process that absolutely lit me up. But any kind of performance (on camera or even public speaking) would overwhelm me with anxiety. 

Then...I caught the Wellness Bug.

And down the rabbit hole I went. I started learning every holistic practice I could get my hands on. I piled up teaching and coaching certifications and was eventually moved to start serving other. So I soon left the film industry to help people live happier and healthier lives.

Certification addicts, I'm talking to you! 

As it turns out, expertise doesn't bring confidence. Not fair, right? All that learning should come with a boss-lady mindset - like a $2 "extra avocado" option. But no matter how much knowledge I acquired, I still couldn't find the confidence to put it out there. And the bigger my dreams got, the less I was able to keep up this game of hiding from the camera. So I went on the ultimate self-improvement quest, searching for that perfect combination of tools that would help me capture that elusive feeling of confidence. Confidence doing what? Teaching? Sharing information? It was simpler than that. And much harder: confidence just being me.

How I fell in love with the camera (the front, not the back).

All that experimentation with different tools, techniques and total camera fails was a frustrating and painful process. But ultimately, it led to discovering what I needed to transition from being nauseous at the thought of a camera lens, to actually looking forward to it! Now, I leap in front of that lens with a clear sense of purpose and any time that those old fear demons creep into the shot, I have techniques and essential oils to get my mind back in the game. Now I'm able to play full out in every area of my life with a deep confidence and comfort being myself for all the world to see.

I've been dreaming up the program I wish I had when I was where you are.

I'm so excited to share a program that's come together after years and years of struggling unnecessarily. After trying everything, I've found the perfect formula to beat stage fright and show up on camera no matter what. So you can shortcut your own drawn out process of banging your head against the wall and access the tools to shorten your path to camera confidence from years to weeks. 

I've made it my mission to serve people like you with amazing knowledge and big life goals.

You've just got one thing in the way of living that beautiful future: your fear of going on camera. I know what you need to move forward because I've been where you are, and I've broken out of my cage of camera shyness. Now nothing inspires me more than watching other amazing people reach that same potential. Trust me, if these tools worked for me - shy, introvert, utterly terrified Sabina - then there’s no question they'll change your life too.

How {the visibility method}gives you the goods.

Welcome Gift!

Essential Oils Delivered to Your Door to Supercharge Your Transformation!

1:1 Meditation Class + Follow-Up Session

2 Hour Class // 30 Minute Follow-Up

1:1 Coaching Sessions

12 Weeks // 90 Minute Sessions

Client Resources Area

Where Your 5P Resources & Bonuses Live

four payments


01. 12 1:1 coaching sessions

02.  Welcome gift.

03.  Bonuses!

one payment


01. Everything in 4-payment option, plus...

02. Fast-action bonuses!

03. Save!!!


Becoming A Visibility Boss.

{spoiler alert} Confidence on camera and visibility as an entrepreneur is all about giving your mind + body what it needs to thrive. 

In The Visibility Method, you're going to get cozy with these 5 essential foundations of being a {visibility boss}. 

It combines practical woo with so many other [something] to get you tangible results // transformation from the inside out............

Train you mind, body & soul to embrace visibility using a process that's both unbelievably straightforward and just the right amount of woo (which I call Practical Woo ✨ ).

How It Works



  • Simple meditation practice that works for the busiest, most skeptical minds.
  • To develop confidence on the outside, you need tools to clean sweep the inside. 
  • No tricky positions or impossible "quiet your mind" objectives.



  • This may sound mystical but you'll get really practical techniques to align your vision with your reality.
  • Visualizations to work with your subconscious mind.



  • Your thoughts and feelings determine every aspect of your success.
  • You're talking yourself out of the spotlight - learn how to smoke out those limiting beliefs.
  • Learn the exact process for creating the emotions that get you motivated, confident, and authentic.



  • Get unstuck and remove stagnation from your mind / body / business.
  • Breathwork techniques to get you tuned in to you, grounded and clear.
  • Strategies to switch your energy instantly when you need it. (Who doesn't love a good solo dance party?)


Magic Potions

  • You'll get 2 of my go-to essential oil blends that instantly calm the nerves and give you the clarity you need to share your magic with the world.
  • This is the closest thing I've found to magic in a bottle.
  • Magic is the simplest way to describe your new plant allies.  Nothing synthetic here. Pure plant juice made from Unicorn tears. No really, it's that amazing...

Tools that make it so truly awesome to be you, you'll wonder how you got by without them.



Essential Oils Gift & Video


The perfect blends to boost your confidence and calm those nerves.

Once you sign up,  you'll get the exact blends I use delivered to your door. #happymail!

Camera Lighting Videos

The easiest way to get the perfect lighting from your home. 

Self-Compassion Videos

Quick mindfulness practice to help with self-compassion (to calm that mean girl inside your mind. We all have one, this tool is helpful to quiet her down.).

Breathwork Videos

Move stagnant energy so you can settle your nerves and wake up your mind to communicate your message with confidence and clarity.


{fast-action bonuses.}


Live feedback

On your Lives / Stories

(optional - but highly recommend it.  If you want to master your skills on camera, getting *loving* feedback is key!) 

Aligned Mindset Journal

Downloadable journal prompts - to get your mindset in alignment with your goals.  This is so valuable to have juicy questions that awaken your brilliance so your wisdom can flow.

The right time to begin the TVM program is now. If...

01. You're ready to say “yes” to taking intentional action on your dreams/biz goals.

02. You're done with trying to “fake it til you make it”.

03. Shyness has been keeping you back and you know you’re meant to shine.

04. Reality isn’t matching your dream life.




What do other visibility bosses say about working with me?

You are a Star Wars level guide into life!  Thank you for helping me see things clearly!

I was working through a very unhappy relationship and struggling with feelings of dread and responsibilities I thought I owed my partner. I’d known Sabina for many years having worked with her through mediation and tea ceremonies. She was someone I knew I could trust for counsel.

It was life-changing. I was able to follow her process to better understand how my thoughts, emotions and actions affected my choices clearly for the first time. I gained the courage to leave my unhappy relationship and step into a more authentic, caring and brave relationship with my self.

It’s truly an incredible process and Sabina is a nurturing guide you can trust with your heart and spirit.

Casey Munck 

Senior Marketing Director

I have worked with coaches in the past - Sabina surpasses them all!

Working with Sabina helped me address some negativity I was manifesting both personally and professionally. She gave me some great tools that helped me really look at my own self-sabotage and find a positive and effective way to address my challenges.

Sabina's approach comes from a place of caring and non-judgment. She brings the benefit of her wisdom and knowledge gained from her education and her own personal and professional experiences. Sabina has a very special way of making you feel safe and heard while remaining completely objective. I have worked with coaches in the past - Sabina surpasses them all!  Working with Sabina helped push me towards a positive and enlightened head space where I could really focus and understand how I could help myself. 

Michelle Dickson 

- Business/Technology Leader 

There is no end to the benefits of working with Sabina!

My sessions with Sabina were very helpful. She was able to assist me  to understand more clearly what my options were and how to process them.

I gained a lot of insight into my own way of thinking and how to use the new methods to help me see how I can change the way I was thinking about my situation and how to come to terms with it.  

There is no end to the benefits of working with Sabina, she is always there for you to talk with and help you understand your goals.

Stephanie Martino 

- Executive Director for the FL Film Institute 



What makes THE VISIBILITY METHOD different from other camera confidence programs?

The key to confidence whether on or off camera is in a comprehensive approach that actually keeps you confident in the long run. Because confidence that only lasts for a few seconds, minutes or days isn't confidence---it's fake it til you make it…which never works in the big picture. We don’t just focus on 1 area like lighting or breathing techniques--we build long-lasting confidence on and off camera through a custom-tailored approach unique to YOU and your individual visibility blocks (no cookie-cutter confidence here!).

How do I know I'm ready for coaching?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. 

So...does coaching actually work?

I know, I know, everyone and their mom is a coach nowadays. It's not a regulated industry. And I knew if I was going to help people for a living that I had to make darned sure to keep myself regulated. So I got the best certifications, mentorship and continued learning that I could get my hands on.

Still though, you're asking the right questions: why do I need a coach? Why can't I just figure this all out for myself?

  • It takes that outside perspective to reveal how you've been limiting yourself. Every "smallness story" your mind has been telling you is nonsense.
  • Coaches don't do all the work for you. A good coach will guide you to doing the work and taking the action that results in you blowing your own mind at how much potential you have.
  • Having someone like me in your corner provides you with the support you need to break through periods of doubt and get back to showing up as your highest self.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely! You can pay in full or pay in 4 monthly installments. Plus, I may have a little special for my early birds (hint hint)

Do I have to meditate to do the TVM program?

No of course not.  You are free to do what you want for your life, always.  I do highly encourage you to commit to meditating daily at least while we’re working together for the 12 weeks.  If you decide to stop after that’s totally fine and your choice.  You’ll get the benefits of this amazing technique with daily practice.  I promise, your mind, body and life will benefit greatly. 

I’m not a shy person. I just really struggle with being on camera? Will this work for me?

Absolutely! There are X top visibility blocks related to camera confidence. Shyness is a common/Shyness is just one of them. What’s great about my program/What’s unique about my program, is that it’s customized to YOUR individual blocks. We create a system to directly address and overcome what’s getting in your way. 

What if I don't have time to bring all these new practices into my life? (Meditation, mindset work, etc).

Part of the coaching journey involves realizing how much time you actually have for the things that are important to you. That being said, the practices you'll learn here are designed to fit into any lifestyle and schedule without overwhelming. What often results is something really crazy: by adding practices that increase energy, clarity and happiness, you somehow discover that you have more time available to you. We call this the "magical time bending effect" of meditation and coaching.

What if I already have a meditation practice?

Awesome! It excites me to hear any time someone is bringing the life-changing magic of meditation into their lives. As a bonus, you'll simply have access to another technique you can learn and experiment with. 

The style and method I use to teach meditation is specifically geared to entrepreneurs with busy schedules so there's always something to be gained as you try and fit your meditation and business life together.

Do you offer refunds?

Given the 1:1 nature of the program and the amount of resources provided within it, refunds are not available. This program is so thorough and custom-tailored to each client and embodies a comprehensive approach to camera confidence from the inside out. I can promise that I will overdeliver and pour my years of experience into you. This exchange of money is an honoring of your time and commitment to your path, and my commitment to empowering you on your journey to reaching your goals. Rest assured, I will not accept any clients that are not a good fit, and you may ask any questions you have when you apply, so that you’re empowered to make an informed decision.

Are you ready to  become a {visibility boss}and break free of what's blocking you from taking your brand to the next level?